Monday, July 20, 2015

The Floral Hat-Trick

July 18th was the day that over 50 volunteers from Girl Scout Troop 611 of San Jose, California came to Oak Hill Cemetery to do a cemetery clean up and place flowers on over 1,000 graves. 

The event was organized by Bob Uenaka, of Cupertino Florist, and Lynette Honda of the San Jose Buddhist Church.  Over 6,500 stems of beautiful California Grown Flowers and Greens provided by Kitayama Brothers Farms were made into bouquets and distributed around the cemetery.

Flowers made the day, according to organizer Lynette Honda.

Kitayama Brothers feels that this is a triple win: 
Honoring the families represented at the cemetery, 
boosting community spirit, 
and a beautiful use of flowers from the California Floral Industry.  
Using the tag line from sports, “This is truly a Floral Hat Trick.”

Dave Kitayama

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