Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunset Beach Grown

American Grown: Maybe... CA Grown: Yes. 

Sunset Beach Grown: ABSOLUTELY!

This week’s blog is in reference to a new initiative by the California Cut Flower Commission to start an “American Grown” designation for American grown flowers.  I support CCFC and their “CA Grown” campaign has been a great campaign which Kitayama Brothers appreciates and takes advantage of.  We are examining the merits of an American Grown campaign and we don’t have enough information to have an opinion of its merit or potential.  However, I do have an opinion about Sunset Beach Grown flowers.  They are the best!!

I love America with our wacky government but I love California even more despite the regulations and water shortage.  I prefer Northern California over Southern California with our lack of movie stars and over-abundance of smug 20-something billionaires.  However, to pinpoint my very favorite place you have to come to Monterey Bay and find your way to Sunset Beach which is the best place to live and grow flowers on the planet.  I know I sometimes run counter to my friend Kasey’s ideas.  But instead of promoting all America, I want to promote the Sunset Beach “appellation” for the finest quality lilies, gerberas, lisianthus, snaps and gardenias.  Of course the Santa Maria, Carpinteria, Oxnard, Carlsbad areas are also nice, but for rich soil, amazing weather and nice people you can’t beat Sunset Beach.   
The local Santa Lucia Highlands and Santa Cruz Mountain appellations are producing very nice wine and getting recognized for their special attributes.  I just want to do the same for the Sunset Beach flower appellation.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On the Table - Flowers & Wine

What is the future for Flower Farmers in the Watsonville/Salinas area? 

On July 18th, The California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) sponsored this dinner meeting to "rally the farmers," and help with the Commission's Strategic Direction.

CCFC opened the meeting with a list of programs designed to bring the California Farms to the forefront of the Flower Industry. 

Approximately 17 Flower Handlers representing 10 Flower Farms met at Kitayama Brothers Nursery to discuss the challenges we all face.  

Sharing dinner and conversation among competing farms brought out the bond that holds us together.  There was a consensus of opinion that People make the difference. "We need new blood and new ideas" to make our farms work. The discussions evolved into bringing our children into the business and show them the excitement that farming can give.  

One new Flower Farmer, in business for less than a year, summed it up..."I wish everyone could see our flowers, they would buy it!”

~ Dave (pictures by Tony)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Inside KB - Colorful Blooms

Wishing everyone a nice and safe July 4th! 
Don't forget to bring some Red, White and Blue flowers.

Gerbera Daisy - Happy Flower!

An array of vibrant and colorful colors grown right here in California by Kitayama Brothers!
        Ask your local florist or wholesaler for KB Flowers.

Snapdragon - Nice & Tall!

Our standard stem length is 36 inches!

~ Linda