Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A few years back I made a promise to visit every Greenleaf Wholesale location.  Out of 16 stores, I had not visited Amarillo, Albuquerque or Texarkana, until last week; instead of going to WFFSA, (which I heard was a good show), I flew to Amarillo, Texas. 

Greenleaf Amarillo is run by Gary Dunn with a crew of 6 and is the definition of doing a lot of work to sell flowers. 

Amarillo has a population of 150,000 and four in-town flower shops.  For Gary and his crew to be profitable, they have to drive 2 to 3 hours in each direction to service the small towns surrounding Amarillo.  It is hard to believe but in the same day, Gary’s drivers could be in 4 states: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico or Colorado.   If you are a grower, you might appreciate that someone else works as hard as you do to deliver beautiful flowers.

I was only in Amarillo for a short time, but I think I took advantage of many of its pleasures.  The hotel I stayed in offered complimentary cocktails, not just one, but 3 each day.  I felt like I was at WFFSA.  

Of course, I had to go to the Big Texan to have a steak.  I didn’t have the 72 ounce steak, but I saw it.  The 72 ounce steak is free if you can eat it in an hour, plus all the side dishes. If you don’t finish the steak, you have to pay $72.  I should have tried it anyway.  In California, a little steak can cost $72.  

On the way out of town on Interstate 40, I stopped by the Cadillac Ranch made famous by Bruce Springsteen.  I enjoyed walking around the Cadillacs, it is clever and iconic.  I am trying to decide what we can artistically bury on the side of the greenhouse, maybe some gerbera carts.  


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SF 49ers - Head Coach

Jim Harbaugh visits his alma mater:

My daughter goes to Palo Alto High School. Palo Alto is known for high tech, but it is also a sports hotbed.  A few years ago, Palo Alto HS won the State title in football by upsetting a much bigger Southern California powerhouse, Centennial HS. The game was played in the rain and because of tenacity and a little luck they pulled out the victory 15-13.  

I told the manager of Greenleaf Ft Worth that we had won the State title, and he was dumbfounded that I didn’t go to the game “clear eyes, full hearts, didn’t go?” 

A few weeks back I went to a game where one of their past quarterbacks, Jim Harbaugh came back to flip the coin. I am a big Jim Harbaugh fan; he has gone far since his Paly days. Across the street from Palo Alto HS at Stanford University he created a huge winning program with smart and disciplined players. He moved up the Peninsula where he is now coaching the 49ers. 

I believe this year the 49ers will peak just in time for the Super Bowl and beat his former pupil Andrew Luck. You heard it here first!

What does this have to do with flowers?  Well, if we had to grow flowers in Holland, South America or Southern California, we wouldn’t have good football to cheer for. (I know the Dutch will argue, but it’s not even the same game).  Therefore we need you to keep buying KB flowers so we can be here to support our Northern California teams.

Go Vikings, Go Cardinal, Go Niners!!    


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Greg Lum's Magic


Proof...Nice Guys Do Win

I've come to know Greg through Katherine Zhang when they, along with Lily Chan, generously donated their time and talent back in 2011. And as I'm writing this, I cannot think of a better title or subtitle...Greg is not only talented but also, a very nice guy.

Flashback to 2011, 2012 and 2013...Greg won and kept the Kitayama Cup!

Today, it is my pleasure to share his latest victories at California State Floral Association. Greg won Top Ten AND the People’s Choice Award! Congratulations my friend and I'm happy that you chose Kitayama Brothers to sponsored the flowers. And thanks for allowing us to re-post your winning pictures.

SURPRISE for a front office of an architecture firm!
“Everyone was given the same materials and was asked to design a modern design in 30 minutes.”

Personally, I would LOVE to see what Greg can do with our stemmed gardenias. Wouldn't you?

KB Stemmed Gardenia won Best Variety at California State Floral Association

  ~ Linda Nguyen