Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SF 49ers - Head Coach

Jim Harbaugh visits his alma mater:

My daughter goes to Palo Alto High School. Palo Alto is known for high tech, but it is also a sports hotbed.  A few years ago, Palo Alto HS won the State title in football by upsetting a much bigger Southern California powerhouse, Centennial HS. The game was played in the rain and because of tenacity and a little luck they pulled out the victory 15-13.  

I told the manager of Greenleaf Ft Worth that we had won the State title, and he was dumbfounded that I didn’t go to the game “clear eyes, full hearts, didn’t go?” 

A few weeks back I went to a game where one of their past quarterbacks, Jim Harbaugh came back to flip the coin. I am a big Jim Harbaugh fan; he has gone far since his Paly days. Across the street from Palo Alto HS at Stanford University he created a huge winning program with smart and disciplined players. He moved up the Peninsula where he is now coaching the 49ers. 

I believe this year the 49ers will peak just in time for the Super Bowl and beat his former pupil Andrew Luck. You heard it here first!

What does this have to do with flowers?  Well, if we had to grow flowers in Holland, South America or Southern California, we wouldn’t have good football to cheer for. (I know the Dutch will argue, but it’s not even the same game).  Therefore we need you to keep buying KB flowers so we can be here to support our Northern California teams.

Go Vikings, Go Cardinal, Go Niners!!    


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