Thursday, October 10, 2013

Come Walk with Kitayama Brothers

Walking from KB Greenhouse to Sunset Beach:
I am an avid walker.  I find it simple, enjoyable and good exercise.  And because I am in charge of the greenhouse, it is part of the job to regularly walk around the greenhouse.  I am not a grower, and I am not examining greenhouse procedures.  Mainly, I smile, say “hello” to employees and think, “I should learn Spanish.”  

The greenhouse covers about 50 acres and takes about 45 minutes to walk around.  You can extend the walk by going through each range, or if it is a sunny day by going to the beach.  Every job has its perks, to be able to walk to the beach from the office is one of mine.  

Any of you who come to visit Kitayama Brothers is welcome to walk with me to the beach.  Here are some pictures, as you can tell, it is best to come on a bright, sunny day.  I recommend September or October, that is the best weather.  These are pictures taken from the sand dune out the back of the greenhouse.
If I look one way there is the greenhouse just past the campground.

If I pivot the other way, you can see the surf. 

It's about a 2 minute walk down to the beach from the top of the dune. Right now is sand dollar season.  Too bad...they aren’t dollars, because there are a ton of them.   

Flowers on the Walk: Tulips
Oh, another reason I walk through the greenhouse is to look at the flowers.  Something new at our greenhouse is tulips.  We are just starting to bunch our first tulips of the year.  We currently have four colors but we will have more.  Ask your KB salesperson about price and availability.

OK, got to get back to work.


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