Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fun ‘N Sun - Jellyfish Delight

Night at the Aquarium

Fun ‘N Sun Aquarium Dinner

One of the big events at this year’s Fun ‘N Sun will be the dinner at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Thursday July 30th.   My family and I love going to the aquarium and it is amazing that CalFlowers was able to reserve this incredible venue.  I have visited many aquariums throughout the world and I think this is the best.  


I have a special affinity for the jellyfish.  They float around sedately and surrealistically, and possibly can help you achieve that “serenity” we are all seeking.  

Plus...jellyfish come in many sizes, shapes and colors, just like flowers and people!


Of course the aquarium has plenty of fish, big and small. The opposite of the jellyfish are the sardines swimming in endless circles around and around with mouths wide open looking for that elusive reward.   Hmm my problem is?! as much as I like the jellyfish, I spend most days looking like a sardine.


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