Friday, September 27, 2013

Learning What We Do Not Know

Kitayama Brothers has been growing flowers since 1948.  In the 60’s and 70’s, Kitayama Brothers was the largest Carnation grower in the U.S.  With the less expensive Carnations coming into the country, Kitayama Brothers switch its major crop to Roses.  From the mid 70’s through the mid 90’s, Kitayama Brothers became the largest Rose grower in the U.S.  

Today, Kitayama Brothers grows 15 different crops in Watsonville, California.  To be viable in today’s floral market, we know we have to produce top quality flowers and a way to efficiently distribute flowers to those who value its beauty.  And after 65 years of growing we are still asking How?

On September 18th through the 21st, Scott Kitayama, of Greenleaf Wholesale Florist and Dave Kitayama of Kitayama Brothers went to Phoenix, AZ  to attend the Society of American Florist Convention.  

The many industry members that were here to learn.

Here, 500 Growers, Wholesalers and Retailers came together to look for the answers of How.  We were not dealing with companies but with talented real people all sharing information and looking for answers.  We learned a lot but more information brought more questions.

Forty-Four growers from around the world competed for the best flowers.  Kitayama Brothers was honored to win in the Best Lily Class and was represented on the Winners Table.  Two of our competitors are standing with me…Martin of Oregon Flowers, and Benno of Holland America.  

This is a beautiful industry with the hope that we can put this beauty 
in every home in America.

Dave Kitayama

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