Friday, September 20, 2013

Kitayama Brothers at SAF 2013

Results of the SAF Competition

There were 44 growers in the Competition with over 225 entries, more S.A. growers than I have ever seen.  Judging was harder this year than past years, very few Blue Ribbons were given and over ¾ of the entries did not ribbon at all.

The KB Ravenna - Hot Pink Oriental Lily won BEST LILY IN THE LILY CLASS and we had a lot of competition.  This was our only blue ribbon.

I felt if I could have opened the Ice Dancer - White Oriental Lily, it would have taken the best of class because of its large blooms and strong stems---but we still took a second.

Our Orientals proved to be world class and we should be very proud of the Farm.

The greenhouse did a superior job growing, selecting, and shipping: out of 400 stems, we only lost 2. A very special thank you to Greenleaf Phoenix, Kathy and her crew for setting and transporting the flowers.

~ Dave Kitayama


  1. Go Kitayama Brothers... Awesome News... thanks Dave for the Great Post... #americangrown #originmatters #kitayamabrothers

    1. Thanks J for your support, KB appreciates it! I will have to get Dave on here to reply to his postings.

      - Linda