Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kitayama Brothers first NEW greenhouse in 20 years!

Twister-Kist Greenhouses:
Let's be honest, it has been a very long time since Kitayama Brothers has put up new greenhouses. I would say at least 20 years.  This summer, we just finished putting up 3 new houses.  You might say we are twisting the story around and twisting is the right term.   

The greenhouses we replaced were knocked down last December by a tornado that started as a waterspout on the Monterey Bay.  The waterspout hit land, became a tornado and landed on range 6 which was a very nice lisianthus range.  Tornadoes are so rare in this area, nobody but us saw it, and it didn’t make any weather reports.   

We called NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in Monterey and they came down and confirmed, “Yup, it was a tornado.”  Even though it was a category zero, you can see how much damage it caused.  I can’t imagine what a category 5 tornado like our Oklahoma customers experienced, would be like to see or live through.

Bullish on Flowers:
You might think, what is the big deal to replace 3-4 greenhouses, but we did have a choice.  Do we believe in replacing greenhouse space for flowers, or take the cash settlement?  In the end, we decided on greenhouses.   

We are in the business of growing and selling flowers, and it is our responsibility to maintain a thriving business.  The last few years have seen an improvement in the flower market.  It is hard work, but we are bullish on the future of domestic flower growing.  Some of you might think we are dreaming like Dorothy, but help us prove, “There is nowhere (to grow flowers) like home.”



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