Monday, September 9, 2013

Buy Flowers, Go Hiking and Stay Young!

Buy Flowers, Go Hiking.

Last week I finished a 6 day backpacking trip with a climb up Mt Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental USA.  I thought it was quite a feat until I met Peggy Park who has climbed Mt Whitney 11 times from the “hard side.”  

Peggy is “in her 70’s” and I met her on the way down from Mt Whitney.  She started climbing from Whitney Portal on the east side at 12:30 am that morning to do the 22 mile round trip that includes 6,000 vertical feet of climbing.  I had started from the west side, and only had to climb 3000 vertical feet and walk 16 miles.  I am not sure I could have done what she did.  She has become a role model for me and her message is, “keep hiking, it will keep you young.”

Also I included a little video of the top of Mt Whitney.  I can’t tell you how spectacular the view is from the top of Mt Whitney, you need to see for yourself.  Again, I realize that Kitayama Brothers needs to keep growing beautiful California flowers, so we can stay in California and explore all its beautiful places.


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  2. is an important link also?

    1. Hi Williee,

      Yes it is...done/added 2 days ago. And thanks for sharing on flowersandcents. :)

      - Linda

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