Monday, January 20, 2014

Walking for the Life

Kitayama Brothers has finished our first year on our WalkingSpree employee health program.  Our employees work hard and are the reason for our success.  We believe in programs to keep our employees healthy for their good and definitely for Kitayama Brothers good. 

WalkingSpree tracks our employees’ steps and we award prizes for reaching higher step limits.  In the 2013 year end drawing among the 10 steppers, here are the four winners:

Congratulations to the 2013 WalkingSpree final drawing winners!!!

Keep on stepping!!!

Jose Lois Orozoco  $250.00 Walked 3,793,729 steps

Antonio Perez $125.00 Walked 3,861,709 steps

Juana Rubalcava $75.00 Walked 4,979,735 steps

Vicente Reyes $50.00 Walked 5,192,716 steps

A special note:  our head grower Jimmy Zheng was the #1 walker among all the crews in Watsonville.  Jimmy makes at least 2 rounds every day throughout the greenhouse.  This equates to about 14,000 steps.  All customers will be glad to know that our growers are not sitting in the office but spending time in the greenhouses.

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