Monday, January 27, 2014

KB Bouquet Division

Kitayama Brothers has finally diversified into selling directly to mass merchandisers.  

For most of our history we have relied on wholesale florists as our main market.  We still hold a large percentage and have great relationships with the leading wholesale florists in the US, but in order to increase our flower production - we had to be able to increase our customer base.  

KB hired Karen Nakamura 2 years ago, she has many years of working for and selling to mass merchandisers such as Safeway, Vons, Gelsons, Raleys, Krogers and other large retailers.  One of Karen’s challenges was to build a production team, and we are proud of the work she has done with her floor leader Wilbur Yam.  Here are pictures of the team ramping up to Valentine’s Day.

KB is working to build the right mix of wholesale florists, bouquet makers and large retailers to guarantee a bright future.  We plan to continue to increase our flower production, and being able to service all large sectors of the industry is a major part of this plan.

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