Monday, January 13, 2014

Pre-Valentine's Day Greenhouse Report

January 8th, 2014 Sunset Beach, CA 65 degrees…Looking Good!
Another nice January day at KB Farms.  I took a quick walk through the greenhouse to check the Valentine’s production.   According to our grower Jimmy Zheng, everything is on time and looking good.

Oriental Lilies:

The lilies are looking great, strong stems, good bud size with dark green foliage.  

We will have a good supply of every oriental but we added more Starfighters. 

So call your KB sales rep to add or book more fighters.  

Tulips and Iris:
The Valentine tulips are just starting to bud, and the timing might be a few days later than we wish, that means they will be fresher.  We had a great tulip crop last year, and we believe, we will have nicer tulips this year.  We did not produce a lot of iris because the bulbs were difficult to get, so we might be sold out. Please call KB to inquire about our iris and tulips.

Lisianthus, Snaps and Stock:
Lisianthus cannot be cropped for Valentine’s Day, but the weather has been nice, we believe we will have more than last year.  We did increase snaps because the demand at Valentine continues to rise.  We will have some stock but not in huge numbers.

Stemmed Gardenias:
We want to thank J Schwanke for saying that KB stemmed gardenias were his favorite flower.  As you can see in the photo, we have doubled our gardenia production.  Gardenias are very hard to propagate and there are no cutting suppliers, so we have to create our own. 

Artemio Garcia who takes care of the gardenias has done a great job making new plants. Try them yourself.  Also, make sure to visit to order your “Flowers and Fun” book by J.

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