Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Family Business

Fun N Sun N Family: (NORCAL’s Family Business Seminar)

This week is NORCAL’s Fun N Sun Floral Convention in Santa Barbara. The rooms are all sold out and the tours are full. It's great to hear that so many customers have come to California to see what flower growers are up to out here.  

Kitayama Brothers is such a fan of Santa Barbara that we are holding our annual shareholder meeting in conjunction with Fun and Sun and approximately 35 of our shareholders will attend. And because most flower businesses are family businesses, NORCAL has developed a Family Business Seminar for Saturday 7/20 from 8:30am. It will include an amazing panel of Bob Wilkins (Delaware Valley Wholesale), Michael A Mellano (Mellano Company), Laura Shinall (Syndicate Sales), Ed Van Wingerden (Ever-Bloom) and Richard Armellini (Armellini). The panel will be led by Kurt Glassman of Leadership One.  

We believe there is no better way for our shareholders to understand family flower business than listening to the wisdom and experiences of the other leading flower families. Kitayama Brothers is sponsoring the event because we believe family business education is crucial to the future health of our company and many other flower companies. Please attend if you are at Fun N Sun. Flowers, family and business can be challenging, but when it works it can be incredibly rewarding.

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