Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Join KB in 2016

Do Good, Feel Good (repeat)

I stole this quote from one of my managers Linda Nguyen who loved this campaign.  
She spent extra time working on it, because it really touched something in her.  
This is the best part of how we chose to promote Women’s Day. 
We wanted to put together a campaign that benefited women and women’s causes; 
and a huge by-product was that it made a very positive impression 
on employees, customers and the community.

Cause Marketing:
The idea for our Women’s Day campaign came from a discussion with my older daughter Maya who said, “She could support a new holiday that helped women.”  

She is a freshman in college but during her senior year as one of the editors for the high school paper, she focused on women’s issues especially sexual assault on campuses.  With this idea in mind, we decided to support local non-profit groups who specialize in women’s issues.  

KB pledged to donate 10% of the sales on March 6th to these local groups.  Also with support from CalFlowers, we partnered with 12 of our customers who also pledged to donate part of their Women’s Day proceeds to women’s causes of their choice. In return we offered to put 4 advertisements in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the Watsonville La Ganga (Spanish language paper). These were the customers who participated and the causes.

In total between KB and our partner customers we were able to donate over $6000 to all the different groups. KB also dropped off flowers to many of these groups to hand out to their staff and clients during the Women’s Day weekend. There is nothing more gratifying than helping people who appreciate it. Every one of these groups were gracious and thankful for the support, and listening to what they do, we realize how much is needed in our communities.  At Jacob’s Heart in Watsonville, who supports children with cancer, I was toured by Mariela Medina who had been helped when she was diagnosed with leukemia at 14.  She is now back as a staff member to help families who don’t know where to turn when they hear the sad diagnosis.

Join KB in 2016: The More We Sell the More Good We Can Do...Together

We will continue this campaign next year, it was successful.  However it will be a long road to make Women’s Day a national holiday. We believe if we can start locally promoting Women’s Day as a day to promote women’s causes, it can grow in a grass roots fashion to be a significant holiday. For a younger generation like my daughters, a belief that what they buy can do “good” resonates strongly. This is exactly the identity that we want flowers to have. 


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