Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year at Auntie Heidi

Akemashite Omedato!! (Happy New Year)

As usual the Kitayama family New Year’s celebration was at Auntie Heidi.  
Each year you can expect about the same things.  
There will be mochi making in the kitchen.  
On the dessert table will be blue finger Jell-O, rice crispy treats made to look like sushi, 
a rainbow sherbet punch and snicker doodles.  

There will be Japanese stuff to eat: 
ozone, nishime, kampyo, gobo, kazunoko, tsukemono, etc…all great.  

We will watch college bowl games, 
meet new boyfriends, 
occasionally hold a new baby, 
and talk about stuff we haven’t covered the 3 or 4 other times 
we have seen each other during the holiday season.    

Clockwise: Kyle, Naomi, Barbara, Mark and Grace

(Mochi Making Group)
Cousin Kyle, Cousin Naomi, Cousin Barbara, Cousin Mark and Grace.

Mochi is eaten on New Year’s Day because…I don’t really know why, but it is sticky and can be hazardous.  

News Flash: This year, 9 Japanese died from chocking on mochi.

Left to Right: Uncle Ted, Mom Kimiko, Auntie Martha and Auntie Heidi

(The 4 Elders) 
Uncle Ted (one of the brothers), Mom (Kimiko, who is Ray’s wife), Auntie Martha (the brothers' youngest sister), and Auntie Heidi (Tom’s wife and Dave's mom)

This table represents about 350 years of advice.  You’ll be glad to know they're still giving a lot of advice.

(Dave and Emi)

Cousin Dave, a new Grandfather with baby Emi.  

A picture says a 1000 words..

Left to right: Grace, Karen, Robert and Maya

(My family) 
Grace, Karen, Robert and Maya 

Happy New Year from KB and our family.


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  1. Happy New Year Kitayama family. Robert, I really enjoy reading your blogs.
    I shared the article in the Economist from your previous blog with some of our Mayesh team. Thanks for sharing.
    Pat Mullen