Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Summing up the Flower Business

Looking forward to 2015 in the Flower Business

As we end 2014 and head into 2015 we should reflect on what we do most days:  grow, sell or arrange beautiful flowers.  People not in the business will often say, “You are so lucky, you get to work with flowers every day!” 

I rarely read the Economist but I saw an article from the Dec 20th issue about the Manhattan flower business which had a very interesting quote. This quote made me laugh, but it captured my sentiment on a lot of days. 

I am often frustrated with our industry and business, especially since I live in the Silicon Valley where all business is cutting edge and everyone is working on their 5th billion dollar startup.  What’s odd is; it is these guys who tell me how lucky I am not doing what they do.  Of course they are right, as my favorite fortune cookie advised me, “You are where you are supposed to be.” 

The flower business can be shitty, but I can’t imagine doing anything else, and today I feel lucky that I get to do more of it in 2015.

Full Economist Article

Happy New Year!!


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