Friday, April 18, 2014


Anyone who thinks that high school kids are jaded, and don’t get excited about anything; have not witnessed the modern day prom.  Last weekend was prom at Palo Alto High School.  My daughter Maya and her friends have been planning this day for about 6 months!

Maybe a wedding includes more dress shopping and Facebook posting than prom, but maybe not.  A new development is asking which one is the new category of performance art, where one-upmanship is taken to a whole new level.  As long as it is fun and no one gets hurt, I guess it is OK, not that it matters what parents think. As for prom flowers, here are a few examples of what I saw:

Bowen’s boutonnière was done by one of KB’s salesmen, John Bagnall, who is very creative and can dress up a white mini calla nicely.

One of Maya’s good friends received a light up corsage; I thought that was a cute touch.

As much as I prefer the flower corsage, I have to give the duct tape corsage its due.

These are all great kids and they will be off to college and the rest of their life next year.  It is nice to be able to watch them have that last bit of High School fun before the next big step.

~ Robert Kitayama


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