Tuesday, August 27, 2013

San Francisco City College Design Team

Go Rams!


I want to give a big shout out to San Francisco City College’s Floral Design Team. They went to AIFD this year in Las Vegas and dominated. In the Student Competition, they won 1st place Overall School Award Highest Average Score at AIFD National Symposium in Las Vegas and also won 9 of the 15 awards.

Oxana Sanukova, Imelda Iraeta, Ariel Ermatinger, Mia Pettyjohn, Sungmun Ryun, Nicole Kastle, Ineke Moss

We know a lot of these students because SF City College is a big supporter of Kitayama Brothers and we are a big supporter of SF City College. They've entered our design contests, and all of the members in this year's winning team competed in our Open House Kitayama Cup Design Competition except for Ariel.   

2012 Kitayama Cup

Also we want to give a big thank you to Steven Brown and Jenny Tabarracci who give us a lot of help. There is no more important relationship for Kitayama Brothers than an organization that is educating the future flower users of America.

Great Job San Francisco City College! GO RAMS!


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