Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wedding Flowers

In honor of Valentine’s Day... the holiday of romance

We want to show off flowers and photos from my cousin’s daughter wedding.  
Rachel Cathcart and Scott Daley married in Palo Alto on January 24.  
Rachel is my cousin Monica’s daughter, Uncle Tom’s granddaughter and cousin David’s niece.  

It was decided a few years ago that Kitayama family weddings should have nice flowers.
I thought the flowers for this wedding were very nice.   
Cousin Dave usually procures the flowers and he did a great job; 
considering it was just a few weeks before Valentine’s Day.  
Brides want what brides want, and that often means garden roses. 

Rachel and Scott met in Philadelphia while attending college.    
They will both be living in Philadelphia; I guess the cold doesn’t bother them.  
The arrangements and bouquets were designed by Yasuko Solar of DeYoung Florist, 
and a friend of the family.  

Rachel’s sisters Naomi and Rebecca were the bridesmaids.

We had a nice time at the reception, funny toasts and heartfelt speeches.  
Kitayama is a large family and celebrating family milestones is a big part of what is important…

Stuart, Scott and Robert

Stuart, Dennis and Ted

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