Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's 2014 from the SF Market

The Kitayama Family has been very involved with the San Francisco Market for over 100 years. On my mother’s side, the Domoto family owned the flower shop that was the first location for the SF Market. 

For the past 65 years, KB has supplied flowers to various vendors in the market who are not only customers but friends.   

Below is a short video from my walk around the market on February 12, 2014.  There were a lot of buyers and a lot of flowers.  Almost nothing in the flower business matches the energy and atmosphere of the SF Market when it is “jumping” before the holiday.  

I enjoy talking to some of the old timers like Don Garibaldi and Rich Gatti, and at the same time admire the new energy and ideas of recent tenants such as Christina Stembel of FarmGirl Flowers.

I travel across the country visiting flower companies and flower markets.  
Hands down - San Francisco still has the best market.  
Northern Californians take the SF Market for granted, but I would embrace it.
It might not be here forever.   

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