Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Greg Lum & KB in Signature Weddings

Greg Lum, the Kitayama Cup winner (open division) 2 years in a row - 2011 & 2012 published in Signature Weddings Asia Magazine - The FASHION Issue 07/12 (starts on page 242)! Way to go Greg and thank you very much for using California grown KB products including our gorgeous Callas!

Greg supplied us with some details of this lovely event: "The concept for the wedding was to create an Asian inspired wedding using both Asian and European design styles. Many of the flowers used were grown in California. Such products as the deep purple calla lilies and purple lisanthus grown by Kitayama Brothers in Watsonville. Phalaenopsis orchids, Dahlias and Aeonium succulents were among the many other flowers grown in California."

Greg Lum's designs featured in Signature Weddings
He continued with more details about the designs he created for the event: "The bridal bouquet was a symmetric, decorative design with the stems arranged in a parallel fashion adorned by a jeweled pin, that was chosen by the bride herself. The ceremony flowers consisted of long, arching sprays of white Phalaenospsis orchids arranged inside of a construction armature of white mistusmata branches atop a tall clear glass vase."

"The cocktail table centerpieces were designed in different sized black square ceramic containers with maroon Dahilias, magenta Phalaenopsis orchids and small spheres covered in dried purple seeds."

"The centerpieces for the dinner were 5ft tall and consisted of fresh manzanita branches (The orange man - Gerry Gregg) decorated with spheres of purple lisanthus blooms; purple calla lilies (Kitayama Brothers). Sprays of dozens of magenta Dendrobium orchids also decorated the branches at varying heights."

Congratulations to the bride & groom, and Greg, for creating this beautiful wedding.

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