Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2011 Top 100 US Floral Industry Leaders

Earlier this week, someone sent me the “2011 Top 100 US Floral Industry Leaders,” created by William Armellini of FlowerandCents.org.  I emailed him to thank him for including the Kitayamas, and to tell him, “you are a brave man."   I agree that the names he included are leaders in the floral industry, but as is often the case with this type of list, it is the names that are not included which create all the controversy.  However, in William’s defense he did not state this was the “correct” list, but his own list.

William Armellini's Top 100 List
published at FlowersandCents.org
I was told by my brother Scott of Greenleaf Wholesale before I met William, “you will like William, he is a black sheep just like you.”  And Scott was right, I do like William, and I think we are similar because we have opinions and we like to have a good time, even though is William is much better at it than I.  William will no doubt get some grief, but I appreciate his candor.  In William's spirit, there are a few names I would add.  My additions reflect the fact I am west-coast based and mainly work with growers, shippers and the wholesale side of the business:
  • Shimi Shibata: Mt Eden
  • Shinoda Family: San Lorenzo Nursery
  • Van Wingerden Family: Several Flower Companies
  • Mike Mellano: Mellano
  • Ben Haley Denver Wholesale
  • Ken Tagawa: Tagawa Bros. & Denver Wholesale
  • Leo Roosen: Washington Bulb
  • Suyeyasu Family: Suyeyasu Co.
Who would you add to the list? Let us know!

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